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It is highly recommended that anyone who plays a contact or impact-risk sport (young or old) to invest in a custom-fitted mouthguard in order to avoid injury to your jaw and teeth. This includes sports like football, netball, hockey, baseball and basketball, as well as activities such as skiing or skateboarding.

It is essential to wear the guard during training as well as games, as incidences involving contact to the face can cause damage to teeth, dislodged teeth, broken jaws and cut lips. These dental injuries are both painful and sometimes lengthy and expensive to treat.

Chemist vs Custom


The self-fitted type of mouthguard available from chemists gives very poor protection in comparison to a custom fitted guard and is not advised. A custom made guard is comfortable, tight fitting, allows you to speak clearly, maximises resistance against being dislodged and wont restrict breathing.

The Process

Having a custom mouthguard made requires an impression to be taken of your top and bottom teeth, from which 2 plaster models are made. A piece of acrylic in the colour of your choice is then vacuum-fitted to the plaster models of your teeth to give the best possible fit for your mouthguard.

Once you have your mouthguard it is important to store it in a firm container and keep it clean. Store it away from heat to retain its shape. As an added service, we will also melt your name and contact phone number into the mouthguard so that if you lose it, it can be returned to you.

For more information about custom mouthguards please call our surgery, and one of our friendly staff will answer any questions you have.