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White Fillings


If you have broken a tooth, are developing or have developed a cavity, or recently lost a filling, then white fillings are an option for you. Gone are the days of the older amalgam fillings - these days white (or composite) fillings are much more aesthetically appealing as well as having many functional benefits, including:

  • Mercury-free and less sensitive to hot and cold than amalgam.
  • Less natural tooth structure is removed in preparation for a composite filling.
  • Unlike amalgam, where the filling is held in by the shape of the area prepared by the dentist, composite fillings are bonded to the tooth. This means a lot of the orginal strength is returned to the tooth, and can also prevent fractures long-term.

Fillings and children

For children, a composite filling is not always necessary. In these cases, we may recommend a fissure sealant - another type of tooth-coloured filling material.

Fissure sealants are used to prevent decay in the deep grooves of the back teeth. Sometimes these fissures can be so narrow that a toothbrush cannot fit to clean them properly. To avoid this becoming a bigger problem, fissure sealants are used as a quick, painless preventative treatment option to fill the groove.

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