Brushing our teeth twice a day…..surely it is enough to keep the teeth clean right? How often should I floss my teeth a day? Is flossing as important as brushing your teeth?

This is certainly a good question and is asked frequently. Tooth brushing is very important.

However, it can never sufficiently clean off the plaque in between the majority of teeth.

Consequently, the bugs hiding in these regions are able to ferment the sugary content in our diet to rot away the areas between the teeth.

These holes are often hidden from the eye and require x-rays to diagnose. If picked up too late, the teeth may be irreversibly damaged.

Flossing is therefore an extremely important oral hygiene procedure, as it is able to clean the tight spaces in between the teeth.

It is often overlooked because it is difficult to master and takes too much time.

At Plainland Dental, the dentists want to show you how to floss properly and efficiently.

You might hesitate to ask us questions like – How often should I floss my teeth a day? But remember, no question is too silly to ask, and we want to be able to address any of your concerns.

Prevention is the key to a healthy oral environment!

Dr Matt Kei