Emergency Dentist in Plainland, Queensland

A dental emergency can strike at any time – spontaneous toothache or a knocked-out tooth can really put a dampener on your day, weekend or planned, upcoming holiday. If you’re in need of emergency dental care, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly, professional and accommodating team at Plainland Dental Clinic.

What happens when I arrive for my emergency dental treatment?

When you arrive at Plainland Dental for your emergency dental appointment, our friendly team will welcome you and listen to the problem at hand, and then explain to you what has occurred and what we can do to fix the problem. All treatment options will be discussed, as well as the various costs, to make sure you are fully informed so we can all decide on the best approach to address the issue and take away the pain.

Need an Emergency Dentist? Call now

Please contact us for emergency dental care on 07 5465 7995 or make an online booking (available 24/7).

We understand the pain and discomfort that emergency dental problems create and know that time is of the essence. Whether you’re 8 or 80, the team at Plainland Dental is standing by to provide you with quick treatment and quality care, 6 days a week.

What to do if you have a knocked-out tooth

A knock-out tooth, or tooth avulsion, is a common occurrence among athletes and those who participate in contact sports. Mouthguards are making these accidents less common, and are highly recommended for anyone competing in these activities, whether it’s professionally or just for fun.

If you have a tooth knocked-out, it’s important to note that the faster it can be placed back in the socket, the more likely the chance of it being saved.

Follow these steps if you’re tooth is knocked out:

  • Stay calm and try to find the tooth.
  • Gently clean the tooth with saline or, even better, milk. Try not to tough the root end or scrub the tooth too hard.
  • If you can, replace the tooth. Face it the right way (use your other teeth as a guide) and place it in the socket. Give it a forceful push to get it all the way in.
  • If you can’t replace it, keep it in milk or saline or in the mouth alongside the cheek. We want to keep the cells of the root alive so it can be successfully reunited.
  • Whether you’ve been able to replace the tooth or not, make an emergency dental appointment with us right away.

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