We all want our children to be healthy and active, but if they are over the age of 7 and play contact sports, without wearing a mouthguard they could be placing their health at risk. There are specific Childrens Mouthguards for Sports!

Mouthguards are made of rubber and specially designed to protect the front teeth and lips from trauma. This can prevent the need for expensive dental work after injuries to fix broken teeth.

Childrens Mouthguards for Sports – Mouthguards come in a range of colours, and custom made mouthguards are very comfortable and should be worn when playing footy, hockey, netball, basketball and even when skateboarding.

Dentist recommended mouthguard – A mouthguard which is custom made by a dentist can also reduce or prevent the impact of injuries to the head and jaws, reducing the risk of broken jaws and brain damage.

All that is needed to make a mouthguard is a quick appointment at the dentist where an impression of the top teeth is taken. The mouthguard will generally be ready in 2 weeks.

In time just as children outgrow clothes they will outgrow their mouthguard as well, so bringing it to regular check-up appointments will help your dentist advise you of when a new one is needed.

If you think you need help with Childrens mouthguards for sports, give our staff a call on 5465 7995 to book your appointment today.

Dr Yastira Lalla